More Earth Farm

Creating More Earth...

One Farm at a time

Creating More Earth Based on Three Main Principles

Soil Stewardship

At More Earth Farms, we know that fertile soil is the foundation of a healthy ecosystem. That's why we believe in responsible animal husbandry, crop planting, and water utilization to continuously build our soil from the ground up.

Restoration Agriculture

We are proud to engage in restoration agriculture, as conscious stewards of the soil beneath our feet. Our goal is to create More Earth by replenishing the land and promoting biodiversity.

We are currently in the stage of reducing invasive plants and trees while replanting diverse native species. We endeavor to plant a food forest to invite a broader diversity of plant and animal species back onto our land.

Loved Animals

Our animals are a vital aspect of our ecosystem, and we treat them with love and care. They are allowed to explore, feed the soil, and live their best lives, so you can enjoy the highest quality food that our earth has to offer.

Our adored chickens are pampered with the opportunity to forage for a buffet of daily delights and yet are safely cuddled into a warm coop at night to protect them from the elements and predators. They truly have the best in life.